Bottle Label Design

1. Your client manufactures beverages. Your task is to design a bottle label that will attract customers. There is an enormous variety of drink products on the market. These range from water, milk and juices to alcohol and sport drinks. You will need to consider what your client is selling and who your design is aimed at.

2. Look carefully at existing designs. Why do or don’t they work? How could you make them better? Designer bottles uk Your design must be for a non alcoholic beverage. Include the name of the product, what it is, list of contents (eg. water, sugar, fruit juice etc…), the address of the manufacturer, a bar code and maybe a story of the development of the product. You may use any text (font), images and special effects that you think will work. The bottle
label can be any shape, colour or style. Remember that it must be easily read and stand out amongst hundreds!

3. Find an empty bottle. It must not be alcohol. Choose the shape (must fit on the curved bottle surface). Develop some sketches in colour. Use Photoshop for any photographic work and finish the text in Canvas or similar Illustration application.

4. Presentation for assessment –
i. Find and draw an example of one existing design that you think works well. Sketches and plan.

ii. Using the computer, draw your sign design in colour. Remember it must be presented on a real bottle!

5. Quality of Customer Service

The design and production of private labeling is complex and requires intense interaction between the customer and supplier. Communication and a culture of customer service excellence is a condition to the creation of an effective theme message and a successful event. Without a important commitment to customer service on the part of the supplier, the impact of the theme message will fail.

Choose a quality supplier to help increase and communicate your message and to create success for the corporate event.

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Walk into your local supermarket and whether you know it or not, you are slap bang in the middle of an advertising and marketing bombardment. In-store advertising and marketing covers just about everything that is in the supermarket including the design of the building, the design of the checkout operators’ uniforms, massive poster campaigns, special offer displays and right down to little things that you walk past on virtually every aisle like “shelf talkers” and “wobblers”. In many instances, the actual packaging of food and household goods carries masses of marketing material but some items, such as wine and spirits bottles do not offer much scope for advertising – or do they. On-bottle promotions have been around for a long time but maybe you are not aware of them. So what is a bottle promotion?

Well, there are three main types of marketing product that are used for bottle promotions and just to keep things simple, this is an explanation of the categories. Each one describes the different ways that the bottle media attaches to the bottleneck. The first type of bottle media is a bottle collar. Bottle collars consist of nothing more than a band of card that wraps around and clings to the bottleneck just like a collar or a scarf. Traditional bottle collars are usually shaped like cones or sloping square tower so that they can slip over the long necks of wine bottles. This type of bottle collar has been around for a long time and is usually printed on a lightweight board as is most bottle media.



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