5 ways to bet on a Darts Game

hello welcome everybody today I’m gonna show you five ways to bet on a darts game so let’s check him out first way of course is to say who’s winning rule in this game so Steve bunting against Team Publix in my opinion second way total amount of legs so in my opinion the game between Gary Anderson Raymond van Barneveld is going to be less than eleven and a half games so legs the third way is a handicap way so in this case I’m gonna say Louis is gonna win the game with two legs difference so – one and a half for Peter right now the fourth way is to say who’s gonna throw the most 180s in the game so in my opinion of course Van Gerwen against James Wade the Banger one the last way is to predict the correct scores so in my opinion Phil Taylor against Dave Chisnall seven five like this so we place one year oh ufabet have seventy three point twenty seven so that’s nice place a bet and go on change something back the paper you know what I mean you say here plus one and a half or above eleven and a half or whatever man put here how BIG’s winning stuff like that you know back the paper and get the money so if I was helpful thumbs up for the video subscribe to the channel check out the other videos because it’s worth it
hello welcome everybody today I’m gonna show you how to make five hundred ninety eight and a half heroes with only one so I was playing on the European Championship qualification rounds to 2016 friends and that took you know Albania against Armenia to one I put Georgia Germany zero two and Portugal Serbia to one so I want the paper as you can see and yeah do this a lot so if you want to know more about these scores I just wanted to prove that it’s really working my tactics and if you want to know more about this you must check out my other videos you know I made a nice video about this kind of bettin with correct scores on football games you can also check out the sports that I do like ice hockey or basketball or tennis or sometimes starts now yeah if you like the video thumbs up subscribe to the channel check out some other videos too are you on the way because you know I’m trying to share some tips so you can be as me in the end if you really follow it really do them the same steps you can make an extra income with this easily because you just pick the right games every time and that’s exactly what I want to show you so go and do it go and check it out and I will see you next time

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