Halal Watch World affiliates with The Seed of Life

We plunked down with Riswana Kadernani from The Seed of Life to discover more about the association and its establishment.

1. What is The Seed of Life Foundation? What does it do?

The Seed of Life Foundation is a philanthropic association based out of Chicago, USA. We teach on the significance of receiving an earth awareness way of life; instruct kids by giving virtual training and plant trees worldwide.

2. Why and how could you run over this sort of idea?

How SOL (The Seed of Life Foundation) came to be is exceptionally close to home to me. Halalmak   I was really experiencing individual difficulties and had fallen into a profound sadness. There didn’t appear to be any light, and I felt truly alone. Individuals who I had trusted profoundly and depended on in my life, even they had changed and I felt isolated. I get Allah (SWT) tests whom He Loves. However, it unquestionably didn’t seem that way. I was amazingly harmed; my supplications were neither adjusted nor mindful and I was losing myself.

I investigated what to do, particularly as a Muslim. Most basic reactions online were discussion to an imam, sheik, or such people. Implore Salah or read Qur’an. Have Sabr. I resembled genuinely, isn’t there something I can change or do?

At that point I investigated as what individuals typically do when they experience obscurity throughout everyday life and I understood the reactions were:

Volunteer in senior homes or helpless homes

Visit memorial services to understand the truth of death

Invest energy with vagrants and people

Give huge amounts of noble cause for example time, money related, assets

Deal with creatures

Upkeep and deal with Earth

Whatever I learned and found them in Qur’an and it was obvious is list is in Qur’an, yet we people never focus, isn’t that right?

I love nature and as I got hardly any companions together and SOL occurred, and we came to pick up dealing with Earth, planting trees and spreading information is all important for Sunnah. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) adored that and emphatically empowered these activities.

Alhamdulillah, I understood bliss isn’t about what we need and get, but instead giving others what we need for ourselves.

3. What is your vision for SOL and what do you intend to accomplish?

Our vision is to spread information and teach whatever number individuals as could reasonably be expected with respect to natural impacts. There is an excess of data inside [sic] our fingertips, because of the web and different web-based media stages, yet tragically similarly the data that is assaulted to us on regular routine, larger part isn’t actuality checked, which makes wrong or falsehood.

We have run over many individuals that need fundamental data with respect to the earth, atmosphere, nature and biological systems. However, during Covid-19, during lockdown, everybody had to see the outcomes.

We might want to make this world greener for people in the future, so they don’t confront lockdowns, obscure ailments, opportunity limitations, and the vast majority of all, that they can breath [sic] outside air.

Our point is to ensure everyone, paying little heed to confidence, ought to have at any rate one tree planted for their sake.

As a Muslim, planting tree is strongly suggested as it is a demonstration of Sunnah itself. Anas (RA) announced that the Prophet Muhammad SAW stated:

“On the off chance that the Hour (the day of Resurrection) is going to be built up and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him exploit even one second before the Hour is set up to plant it.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

“In the event that a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and afterward a feathered creature, or an individual or a creature eats from it, it is viewed as a sadaqah (magnanimous present) for him.” — Imam Bukhari.

4. Why is planting trees critical to the earth? What’s more, what are the advantages?

I surmise I outlined that being referred to #3, yet I might want to include, since Covid-19, dealing with our own Earth isn’t a choice now, but instead an earnestness to change our propensities, for example, less culmination [sic] of materialistically [sic], cutoff or stop utilization of plastic, don’t litter nature or sea shores, total [sic] stop to deforestation and poaching. Numerous individuals don’t understand trees and creatures are the explanation people are as yet alive, yet without these two components, [sic] human race will end.

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