Make Money Online – How One Blogger Makes $90,480 Per Month

The story of a college dropout who became a millionaire in just 3 years. For those who don’t know what blog means , it is actually a word derived from weblog. Removing the word “we” will give you the word – blog. In other words, it is actually an online diary. Blogs have been around for years now pay per install advertising.

In the beginning , people use blogs as to express their opinions or to tell the world about their lives or hobbies. But also in the beginning, a few smart marketers saw the true potential of blogs as a medium to make a fortune online.

The early one to exploit the true potential of blogs is Rob Benwell. Back in 2005 , as a college dropout he was struggling to make money online and was getting too deep into debt. Even the techniques given by the marketing gurus failed to make him succeed with his blogs. Frustrated with this , he started to invent his own marketing technique and slowly he started to see results from using a simple blogs to make huge income online.By this time he makes money by promoting affiliate products.

In early 2006 , he decided to share his blog marketing techniques to the world and the very first eBook “blogging to the bank” was born. Due to the huge success of his eBook , he was invited to Marketing legend Yanik Silver’s underground seminar where he revealed more of his underground marketing techniques using blogs. In July 2007 he produced and released “blogging to the bank 2” to the world. In this new eBook he revealed all his new marketing methods to make money online using blogs. Both ebooks have been read by more than 50,000 people in the world.

By today , the techniques used in these 2 ebooks are not working anymore thus “blogging to the bank 3” comes into play. It is full of new brilliant methods that are not available anywhere else but is making a killing right now. This no fluff , straight to the point marketing tactics will blow you away. All I can say is this new eBook is priceless. Imagine a guy who is making about $90,480 a month with blogs is now spilling the beans on how he do it with this step by step methods for you to make money online.

Blogging to the bank 3 is a step by step blueprint that Rob uses to create high profit and long term niche blogs using his new clever , stealth and optimize techniques for you to take advantage of and make money in the shortest time possible. Rob also has a section in his eBook about SEO or search engine optimization.This SEO explanation by Rob will make it like a walk in the park for newbies and amateur marketers alike.

It’s hard to find a good make money online eBook these days but this eBook is an exception and as a marketer I highly recommends it. Read more at my website to find out about Rob’s journey from a college dropout to a multimillionaire in just 3 years & to review his excellent make money online with blogs ebook.

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