Mobile has changed the way APAC consumers make decisions. As they turn to their phones to research and make choices throughout the day, brands have more and more opportunities to connect with them. Our latest research—a survey covering 26,000 respondents, 17 industries, and 14 countries—shines a light on the significant role search plays along the path to purchase. It’s no secret that smartphones are incredibly popular in APAC. Smartphone penetration is greater than desktop penetration in all countries across the region, and people turn to these devices in their pockets for everything—from finding useful information or searching for nearby stores to shopping or learning something new. How can brands win the moments when consumers turn to their phones to do all of this? Start with online search. Our findings from recent research with Kantar TNS paint a fascinating picture about the role search plays along the customer journey, revealing it as one of the most influential and commonly used sources of information. We looked at two very different industries: baby care (a routine purchase category) and personal finance (credit cards and personal loans—an infrequent purchase category) and found three key consumer trends common to both. Three insights into how APAC consumers research and make decisions Insight #1: The consumer’s mind is a competitive space When they start out, 83% of baby care shoppers and 69% of personal finance consumers have multiple brands in mind. In fact, they have as many as three brands in mind when they first start thinking about buying a product. But consumers are willing to listen. Even amongst those who have a preferred brand in mind, 30% baby care shoppers and 23% personal finance shoppers are open to new brands. they serch score However, first impressions last. Usually they end up purchasing one of the first three brands they consider (86% for baby care and 77% for personal finance). Insight #2: Consumers actively look online for information around your category and brand Armed with information throughout the entire purchase journey, APAC consumers go the extra mile to make the best decisions possible. In the personal finance category, just under two-thirds of consumers conduct research before they buy, and around seven in ten do so in the baby care category (despite it being a routine purchase category). Where are consumers doing this research? More than eight in ten APAC consumers research online, mostly on smartphones. APAC consumers are better informed than ever before, with baby care consumers using 6.4 sources of information and financial services consumers using 5.2. For both categories, the number of online touch points outweighs the number of offline touch points, with search being the most commonly used source of information for baby care consumers and the second most commonly used source for personal finance consumers. score why Insight #3: Before they head to the store (and even when they’re in the aisle), consumers research online Online research is driving offline sales. Our research showed that the majority of APAC consumers still prefer buying in store (69% for baby care and 58% for personal finance). But our data also revealed that many of these consumers had conducted research online before they converted in store (51% for baby care and 42% for personal finance). matters Even once they’re in the aisle comparing options, APAC consumers are on their smartphones, conducting research. Our data shows seven in ten buyers research online while in stores, consulting their smartphones in the final stages of the purchase journey. A spotlight on search Consumers in APAC want the best, and search helps them find it. Search not only helps people find what they want in the moment, but it also gives them new ideas and introduces them to new brands. Here are six insights from our research into how search helps consumers along the entire customer journey. 1. You can’t spell “research” without “search” Search is not only a heavily used source of information, but it’s also highly influential. Search tops the list of most influential online information sources for almost 88% of baby care and 87% of personal finance consumers. 2. Search unlocks consu

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