Wooden Toys Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Are you looking for inspirational children’s gifts? Or a unique present to buy your little niece or nephew? You know the drill, it’s Tuesday morning, you’re working 40 hours a week and it’s your nephew’s 3rd birthday on Saturday. You’ve no time to wander browsing the shops and the thought of a large children’s department store is just a little too much to bear. The answer? Shop online for a traditional wooden toy.– Wooden Toys singapore

The range of wooden toys currently available on the market is varied and colourful. From cute Dudy shaker rattles to sturdy Pedaless bikes for toddlers they make a thoughtful alternative to mass manufactured branded plastic toys. The price range for wooden toys runs from £10’s to £100’s meaning there will always be something suitable for your budget.

Primarily, do your research to make sure that the toy you are purchasing online is of high quality and suitable for the age group of the child you are buying for.

Buying for baby
In general the term baby covers the ages 0 – 18 months and there is an awful lot of difference between these ages. A newborn baby will not be able to hold a toy and play whereas an 18month old will probably try and dismantle the toy you have lovingly given, so it is important to buy for the correct stage of development.

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